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SayIntentions.AI is currently BETA.

Elevate Your Flight Sim Experience. 


Found Us Online?

Welcome! If you've landed here, you've likely been searching for a realistic and satisfying Air Traffic Control experience for your home simulator.  We get it - our team has been waiting decades for the exact same thing. That's why we're working on this incredible project, and we want you to experience it as well! Great to have you!

Please read on to learn more or skip to the bottom to create your account!

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What's This All About?

  • The Only Dynamic, Unscripted, AI Powered Air Traffic Control for MSFS 2020 & 2024

  • Supports IFR, VFR, General, and Commercial Flights

  • 24/7, Global Coverage, FAA and ICAO procedures

  • Support for 14 Languages, with more planned

  • Multiplayer Options - Hear and Talk to other SI Pilots near you!

  • AI TourGuide with 11 million POI's

  • The BEST way to conquer real life Comm Anxiety
  • We are currently in BETA - Issues are to be expected, we try to act fast to solve all reported issues. 
  • Constant Development - We have a TON of incredible features planned for the coming months. Join our Discord to stay up to date!

How To Get Started?

  • At the bottom of this page is a sign up form. If you think this looks fun, go ahead and create your account! 

  • There is a $1 refunded verification hold. This is to comply with various "Know Your Customer" Laws.

  • Download and Install the latest version of the SI Client

  • Your 24h trial begins after your first radio transmission.

  • Have Fun! Try several locations, procedures, scenarios, whatever comes to mind!

  • If you decide the software in it's current state is for you - just go to your account settings and click the Upgrade button. 

  • Auto Renew and billing options are easily accessible. 


ATC speaks and understands 14 different languages


Support General and Commercial aviation.

True Dynamic AI

The only ATC based on machine learning and modern AI.

Global, 24/7 Coverage

Every airport. Every country. All day and night.

Enhanced by Navigraph

SimBrief and Navigraph Integrations.

Navigraph subscription not required

200+ Voices

Highly immersive, state of the art neural voices

No Rails, No Menus

Unscripted realism, accommodating any situation, any time!


See and hear other SayIntentions Pilots


Get interesting insights into the world around you!
11 Million+ waypoints

Traffic Injection

Comin Soon... With Multiplayer Sequencing! 

What's Our Community Think?

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Ready to Experience Next Gen Flight Realism?

The 24 Hour Trial is Free. But...

Because we leverage multiple third party AI services, we are required to comply with various "Know Your Customer" policies. Therefore, we charge a fee of $1 for the demo, which will be immediately refunded.   Your trial will expire 24 hours after you make your first transmission to ATC.

Your payment information will not be saved, and will not be used to start a subscription.


Still not convinced? Watch some videos from our fans and staff!

Realistic Air Traffic Control for MSFS,  SayIntentions.AI is breaking boundaries.

Realistic Air Traffic Control for MSFS, SayIntentions.AI is breaking boundaries.

Is it time to get talking? Is it time to nudge your immersion closer to the real experience? This application is breaking new ground for MSFS. In the first of two videos, we take a closer look. FS Academy Zero to Hero package can be found exclusively in-sim in the Marketplace. Download the manuals here: Referenced Links SayIntentions.AI: My follow up flight here: Support the channel so I can continue to bring quality content to you: ✈ You can donate here: ✈ You could also buy me a coffee here : SIMHANGER YouTube Channel Link: Join Simhanger on Discord: YOUR DISCORD INVITE: For more details visit Simhanger Website: Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @Simhanger1 Looking for help with MSFS, then check out my HOW TO GUIDES, link to playlist here: MSFS on Xbox playlist can be found here: ✈ Get the best head tracker - Tobii Eye Tracker - 5% Discount Link (affliated): use code simhanger (exactly as shown) to get your discount. ✈️ VR Pilots, need prescription lenses? Link to VR WAVE : ? Get 5% discount by entering in promo code simhanger (all lowercase) at checkout, (non-affiliated). Thanks for watching #microsoftflightsimulator #msfs #flightsimulation #vr #virtualreality
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