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Accessibility Improvements and Our Commitment

We're always looking for ways to make the skies friendlier and more accessible for everyone. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about enjoying the journey, regardless of the challenges you might face.

We’ve been on a mission to tear down barriers in flight simulation, especially when it comes to accessibility. It’s not just about adding a few features here and there; it’s about rethinking how we can make our client and service as inclusive as possible. Whether it’s navigating through clouds or landing at a bustling airport, we want every moment to be enjoyable for all our players.


To make sure we’re hitting the mark, we’ve brought an expert on board – a visually impaired flight sim expert who knows the ins and outs of accessible gaming. Their insights are already lighting the way, helping us tweak and tune our client to meet the needs of visually impaired players. This means better support for screen readers, enhanced audio cues, and a whole lot more user-friendly features.

Continuous Updates Towards Improvement

This is just the beginning. Our commitment to accessibility isn’t just a one-time project; it’s a continuous journey. We’re exploring all avenues to support any screen readers or other accessibility software that can make the SayIntentions.AI experience better for everyone.

Join Us in the Skies

We’re excited about the changes and can’t wait for you to experience them. Whether you’re visually impaired or have other gaming disabilities, we’re here to make sure your flight simulation experience is as thrilling and fulfilling as possible. And hey, if you’ve got ideas or feedback, we’re all ears. After all, we’re in this flight together.

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Good deal Brian. Was able to purchase MSFS. Take care

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