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IFR Enters Alpha

Updated: Mar 28

You all asked for it - And we're here to deliver. IFR Support, a significant milestone in our journey towards delivering a revolutionary ATC solution for flight simulation. This initial release is the foundation of our vision for IFR functionality, providing a new level of realism for both commercial and general aviation. We acknowledge this version comes with its limitations and challenges, and we're inviting our passionate community to help us refine and enhance this feature through thorough testing and feedback.

Your experience and input are invaluable to us as we strive to perfect this pioneering technology. While we caution users about the rudimentary nature of this release, we're also incredibly excited about the potential it holds for the future. We're committed to making continuous improvements and eagerly look forward to your contributions to make SayIntentions.AI's IFR support not just functional but flawless.

Thank you for your patience and for joining us on this ambitious journey. Together, we're not just testing a product; we're shaping the future of aviation simulation. Your support and feedback are critical to our success, and we're optimistic about what we can achieve with your help. Stay tuned for updates, and let's make aviation history together.

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