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Jan. 15th - Release Date Announced!


We're finally rolling out our AI Air Traffic Control software for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Starting January 15th, we're diving into our huge pile of waitlist requests (and wow, there are thousands of you eager simmers!). We're doing things a bit differently, taking it slow to invite folks onboard. We're all about double-checking our servers, making sure we can handle the load, and generally avoiding any kind of system freak-out. It's all about starting easy, making sure everything's smooth for your ultra-realistic ATC experience.

At launch, we'll only support VFR flights in the USA. We want to use this a solid foundation to build off of, eventually branching into IFR flights and worldwide support. We expect that to take quite some time but could end up being surprised!

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you've been dreaming of super realistic ATC in your flight sim sessions, you're in luck. We're closer to making that a reality for everyone on our waitlist. Don't worry if you don't get your invite right on the 15th – we're rolling them out gradually to keep things running smoothly. It's all part of our plan to ensure you get the best, most stress-free flying experience. Keep an eye on your inbox; your ticket to the skies is coming soon!

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