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Massive Chatter Rework!


Hello SayIntentions Pilots! We're back today with another massive update (Sick of us saying that yet?) and we think it's one you're going to love. We've been hard at work reworking the entire Chatter system to bring an even deeper level of immersion and liveliness to our "Living ATC World". These updates are Live Now! Out of all the new changes, the one we want to focus on today is arguably the most advanced chatter on any flight simulation platform ever - Historical ATC Comms from Multiplayer Pilots. We're WAY excited about this feature! During testing it blew our minds at how much this small update brought to the platform. We hope you enjoy it. This OPT-IN feature allows our service to record and save pilot communications at any given airport. These conversations are in turn converted to our Historical Chatter database, which are played for any other pilots at that same airport in the future! This brings a level of detail to chatter that's never been done before - and the feedback about the immersion it brings has been incredible. Gone are the days of hearing about irrelevant airports or runways on frequency. To be clear - This is an OPT-IN feature. Any pilot who wished to volunteer their communications needs to go to their Multiplayer Settings in the SI Client, and enable this box:

However, opting in to this is not required to gain the benefits of this feature! If you'd rather not participate, keep the box unchecked. You can still enable the "Pre-recorded Multiplayer Proximity" feature to hear historical chatter for the area.


We recommend enabling the settings below for the best experience:

Chatter and Multiplayer Audio

  • Canned: Pre-Recorded AI Generated.

  • Live MultiPlayer Global: Hear other Pilots live, anywhere in the world, who are talking to the same controller type. (tower, ground, etc.)

  • Live MultiPlayer Proximity: Hear other LIVE SayIntentions.AI pilots who are currently within radio range and talking on the same frequency.

  • Pre-Recorded MultiPlayer Proximity: Hear other SayIntentions.AI pilots who have previously been within radio range, at some point in the past, and were talking on the same frequency.

  • Share My Audio: Allow my audio to be heard by other SayIntentions.AI pilots. Checking this box means your audio can be heard on the website, used for chatter, or promotional purposes. We recommend turning this on, since this enhances the experience for everyone!

Amount of Chatter Slider Controls the amount of chatter you hear relative to the default settings

All ATC comms must remain professional and family friendly.


We're using AI assistance to filter out any chatter that violates our Terms Of Service - And we commit to moderate the historical chatter to bring the best experience to everyone. If you hear some historical chatter that should be removed, please open a ticket or contact an Admin. Any users found to have violated the TOS with chatter recordings will be removed from the Chatter Volunteers. Looking forward to releasing the next big update - Until next time, safe skies!

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1 Comment

Love this feature! Heard chat at my local airport and although you can't see them it brings much more immersion!

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