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OnAir + SayIntentions = AI Dispatchers and more!


Hey SayIntentions Pilots!

Got another cool one for you all this week. This is one I've personnally been excited about and using a ton already! Announcing... a groundbreaking partnership, between SayIntentions and OnAir Airline Manager! Bringing AI dispatchers to the persistent MMO world of OnAir. This integration is set to redefine realism in flight simulation, offering unparalleled immersion and interaction for virtual pilots.

Elevating Immersion with AI Dispatchers

The synergy between the persistent world of OnAir and the dynamic "Living World" of SayIntentions' AI dispatchers promises a new level of realism in flight simulation. Our AI dispatchers will communicate seamlessly with OnAir servers, providing real-time company information and support to pilots. Check out the livestream announcement from our lead developer, Brian:

Tune In to Our Dispatch Frequencies

Tune into these specific frequencies to access our AI dispatchers:

  • 118.11

  • 118.34

  • 118.51

  • 118.86

Each frequency allows you to select which company dispatcher you want to communicate with. Whether you're looking for nearby fuel stations, checking aircraft availability and usage, or seeking other vital information, our AI dispatchers have you covered. Just ask, and our growing feature set will provide the answers you need.

Seamless Interaction and Enhanced Functionality

Our collaboration aims to streamline the pilot's experience, minimizing the need to navigate through menus. With the help of our AI dispatchers, pilots will soon be able to choose jobs and start routes directly from the cockpit, enhancing the realism and fluidity of their flight operations.

Try It Out for Free Today!

This partnership marks a significant milestone in flight simulation, merging the best of both worlds to create an unparalleled immersive experience. Try SayIntentions and OnAir together for free and take your flight simulation to new heights.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to develop and expand this exciting integration!

About SayIntentions and OnAir

SayIntentions.AI specializes in AI-driven Air Traffic Control (ATC) software for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, enhancing realism with advanced features like Frequency AutoTuning and a Taxi Editor tool. OnAir Airline Manager offers a career mode add-on for flight simulators, operating in a persistent real-time world where players can manage their airline companies, track flights, and engage in a variety of aviation activities.

Together, we're committed to delivering a flight simulation experience that's more realistic and immersive than ever before.

Get Started Today!

Explore the enhanced features and see how SayIntentions and OnAir can transform your flight simulation experience. Try them both out for free and experience the future of virtual aviation!

For more information, visit our SayIntentions website and OnAir website.

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