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TourGuide - Learn About the World Around You!


We're thrilled to unveil the "TourGuide" feature at SayIntentions.AI, a breakthrough that brings a whole new dimension to your flights. Imagine having a knowledgeable companion in the cockpit, one who not only points out majestic landscapes but also dives into the history of the areas you're flying over. With "TourGuide," choose from four unique personalities, each ready to share anecdotes, historical facts, and even a joke or two to keep your journey lively.

This feature isn't just about hearing interesting tidbits; it's about interaction. Picture flying over the Grand Canyon and being able to ask your TourGuide about its geology, or flying past the Eiffel Tower and learning about its construction, all in real-time. Powered by ChatGPT, these guides respond dynamically in over 14 languages, making your experience both educational and genuinely fun.

With worldwide coverage and over 11 million waypoints, the possibilities are endless. Whether it's exploring the vast deserts of Africa, the ancient cities of Europe, or the serene landscapes of Asia, your TourGuide is equipped to ensure every flight is filled with discovery.

Engage with your guide through the Client Intercom or by tuning into 123.45, and let the adventure begin. Every flight becomes a story, every destination a lesson, with the "TourGuide" feature transforming the skies into a classroom of endless wonder.

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