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Multi-Lingual Accessibility: 14 Languages and Counting

Updated: Mar 28

**Updated 3/28 - Added 5 more languages - Korean, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, and Mandarin**


At SayIntentions.AI, we're taking a giant leap forward with our "Multi-Lingual" feature, now in its Alpha phase. This pivotal update is designed to dramatically enhance the accessibility of our AI-powered ATC, allowing pilots to communicate and receive instructions in over 14 different languages.

Our goal is to foster a more inclusive environment for pilots from various backgrounds, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder the immersive experience of flight simulation.

As we implement AI translations to bridge communication gaps, we're aware that this technology, while advanced, is not without its flaws. We actively encourage our user community to report any discrepancies or errors in translations. Your feedback is invaluable, not only in refining the accuracy of our translations but also in enhancing the overall user experience for pilots worldwide.

The languages currently supported include English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, and Mandarin. This diverse selection marks a significant step towards our mission of making flight simulation accessible to a global audience.

As we continue to improve and expand our language support, we remain committed to creating an environment where all pilots, regardless of their native language, can enjoy the thrill of flying with SayIntentions.AI.

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