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The "Kennedy Steve" Experience Comes to SayIntentions

Updated: Mar 29


SayIntentions.AI Unveils the Exclusive Kennedy Steve Experience for Flight Sim Enthusiasts

In a pioneering move that sets a new standard for realism in flight simulation, SayIntentions.AI, the sole provider of AI-based Air Traffic Control (ATC) software for flight simulators, proudly introduces the Kennedy Steve Experience. This landmark feature brings the iconic, quick-witted banter and expert guidance of Kennedy Steve, the legendary ground controller from JFK Airport, into the virtual flying world of SayIntentions.AI.

Kennedy Steve, whose distinctive voice and humorous, yet professional exchanges with pilots have made him a viral sensation, joins SayIntentions.AI with his explicit approval. Renowned for his ability to manage one of the world's busiest airports with both efficiency and a unique flair, Kennedy Steve now steps into the virtual realm to enhance the ATC experience for flight simulator enthusiasts globally.

Revolutionizing Flight Simulation with AI

Available immediately as part of SayIntentions.AI’s subscription service, the Kennedy Steve Experience underscores the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of flight simulation technology. “Bringing Kennedy Steve into our virtual skies is not just about replicating a voice; it’s about capturing the essence of his personality, making every takeoff and landing at JFK an unforgettable experience,” said Brian, CEO of SayIntentions.AI. He further highlighted, “This is a glimpse into the future of flight simulation, where AI bridges the gap between the virtual and the real, making every session not just practice, but a genuinely engaging adventure.”

The Promise of Continuous Innovation Without Additional Cost

The integration of Kennedy Steve into SayIntentions.AI reflects the company’s innovative spirit and dedication to enriching the flight simulating experience without additional fees. “Our unique AI technology is the backbone of this experience, enabling us to bring not just Kennedy Steve, but soon, other celebrity controllers to life in the simulation. It's our way of ensuring the skies of SayIntentions.AI remain as dynamic and exciting as the real thing,” Brian elaborated. "Nobody can do what we do."

SayIntentions.AI, the innovation arm of SayAgain Solutions LLC, stands at the forefront of AI-enhanced ATC software development for flight simulators. Dedicated to creating the most realistic, accurate, and engaging flight simulation experience, SayIntentions.AI leverages advanced AI to bring the complexity and beauty of air traffic control to enthusiasts’ fingertips.

Fly with a Legend

Flight simulation enthusiasts eager to experience Kennedy Steve’s unparalleled guidance and humor are invited to join the SayIntentions.AI community. Experience the only AI-based ATC system in the flight simulation market and elevate your flying experience to new heights. For more information and to subscribe, visit

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