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X-Plane + SayIntentions - Now Available!

SayIntentions.AI Expands ATC Software Support to X-Plane, Broadening Access for Flight Sim Enthusiasts

May 16th, 2024 - In a bold step forward for the flight simulation community, SayIntentions.AI, the leading provider of AI-based Air Traffic Control (ATC) software for flight simulators, announces the expansion of its revolutionary ATC system to include support for X-Plane. Previously available exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS), this expansion opens the door for X-Plane users to experience the true AI-powered air traffic control that SayIntentions.AI is renowned for.


Austin Meyer, Creator of X-Plane, on the Collaboration:

"ATC is so critical to realistic flight simulation but there’s always been a bottleneck on really making it good: People to actually be the controllers!! is solving that scarcity for us with AI and I think that it’s fantastic. Now I’m going to say my intention: I intend to use this myself when I fly X-Plane!”


Brian Shellabarger, CEO of SayIntentions.AI:

"We're excited to bring our innovative AI-based ATC software to the X-Plane community. Our goal is to deliver the most authentic and engaging flight simulation experience, and expanding to X-Plane allows us to reach a broader audience of flight sim enthusiasts. With the support of Austin Meyer and the entire X-Plane team, we're poised to redefine realism in virtual air traffic control."


Revolutionizing Flight Simulation with AI

SayIntentions.AI stands at the forefront of AI software development for flight simulation. Dedicated to creating the most realistic, accurate, and immersive experience for aviation training and flight sim enthusiasts, SayIntentions.AI is the ONLY 100% AI-based ATC solution, leveraging advanced machine learning to close the gaps between flight simulation and realism, delivering incredible experiences that represent a quantum leap forward in aviation tech.

Breaking New Ground in Flight Simulation

The addition of X-Plane support demonstrates SayIntentions.AI’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the virtual aviation experience for all pilots, regardless of their preferred simulator. This expansion comes as part of the company's continuous innovation efforts, providing flight sim enthusiasts with the tools they need to elevate their virtual skies.

SayIntentions.AI, the innovation arm of SayAgain Solutions LLC, is the world's leading provider of AI-enhanced ATC software for flight simulators. By leveraging advanced AI technologies, SayIntentions.AI delivers the most realistic, accurate, and engaging air traffic control experience for flight sim enthusiasts.

Fly with the Future of ATC

Flight simulation enthusiasts eager to experience the most authentic AI-based ATC system in X-Plane are encouraged to join the SayIntentions.AI community. Discover how the future of flight simulation is evolving with SayIntentions.AI and elevate your flying experience to new heights.

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