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Meet SayIntentions.AI


Our Mission

We stand at the forefront of AI software development for simulation. Dedicated to creating the most realistic, accurate, and immersive experience for aviation training and flight sim enthusiasts, SayIntentions.AI leverages advanced machine learning to close the gaps between flight simulation and realism -- and deliver incredible experiences that represent a quantum leap forward in aviation tech.

Meet the Team

Brian is the founder and CEO of SayIntentions.AI, the AI-based ATC startup that's changing the conversation around AI and flight simming. Brian is an AI and machine learning engineer and technology executive with more than 25 years of IT and flight simulation experience. Brian is a futurist who's passionate about bringing AI and flight simulation together to create more immersive and realistic experiences for flight sim aviators. 

The Development team consists of Brian, His Father, and his Son. This is a multigenerational project from 3 generations of flight sim enthusiasts! 

The Pentaverate

Landon S. Son of Brian, First of his name.

Landon S

Discord and automation engineer

Brian S. Son of Gary, First of his name.

Brian S

Founder, Lead Developer, and Chief AI Engineer

Gary S, Father of Brian, First of his name.. probably.

Gary S

Windows Application Engineer

Liam B.


Alan P.


Patrick L.


Martijn C.


David W.

ICAO Customizations/


Tiernan F.


Cole W.

Social Media Manager

Chris K.


Scott P.


Andrew L.

ICAO Customizations/


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