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Pricing and Features

Our Pricing

If your ATC software is a one-time fee, it's not AI!


Our patent-pending ATC AI makes use of multiple AI engines, spreading the compute workload across millions of GPUs at once. This is the most powerful ATC technology ever created.

NOBODY even comes close!

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The Other Guys
IFR Support
Regional Accents
24/7 Availability
Global Coverage
FAA/ICAO Phrases
SimBrief Integration
CoPilot Comms
Clickable Frequencies
ZERO Impact on FPS
ACTIVE SKY Integration
No Menus. No Rails.
GPT 4 Powered
Patent-Pending AI ATC
Dynamic Requests
Unlimited Premium Voices
AI TourGuide
88,000 Airports
VFR Support
EU FIS/VFR Support
VFR Reporting Points
VFR Corridors/TR's
Oceanic Procedures
Emergency Procedures
Navigraph Integration
PilotSpeak AI Voice Recognition
NearlyHuman AI Responses
VR Interface
Tablet/Mobile View
Pause/Accelerate/Walk Away
Live Updates
Pilot Deviations
Flight Service Stations
Student Pilot Mode
Traffic Advisories
Flight Recordings
$29.95/mo $295/yr
One-Time Fee

Photo Credit - @RodgerBadgerman

Our Pricing Promise

As the AI industry grows, we believe better and cheaper models of generative AI and LLM's will be released. It's our promise to you, that as these prices drop, these savings will be passed onto you. We aim to lower our prices before our 1.0 release!

Our Value Promise

We are working hard to jam pack as much value as possible into your subscription. We add new features multiple times a week, and typically add major new features 1-2 times a month. Oceanic, multiplayer, ACTIVE SKY integration, and dozens more features are typical examples, with many more to come.


Try it NOW for FREE!

Ready to Experience Next Gen Flight Realism?

The 24 Hour Trial is Free. But...

Because we leverage multiple third party AI services, we are required to comply with various "Know Your Customer" policies. Therefore, we charge a fee of $1 for the demo, which will be immediately refunded.   Your trial will expire 24 hours after you make your first transmission to ATC.

Your payment information will not be saved, and will not be used to start a subscription.


Private jet parked on the runway with clear skies and mountainous backdrop, ready for takeoff.

Eric N.

I am totally blown away. Still generally in awe of what AI can do but this is a fantastic application of it. Bravo to the team!
Airplane being towed by a tug vehicle on the tarmac, preparing for departure.

Vincent M.

you have made flying fun for me again!! That was one of the best experiences I had in a long time on any flight sim. Very immersive. It felt like I was talking to real people!!!
Private jet in mid-flight over rugged terrain, showcasing sleek design and aerodynamic contours

Geoff D.

Totally AMAZING!! This is the ATC we've all dreamed about. I never expected anything like this! But here we are!
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