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Experience True ATC Immersion

Nobody can do what we do.  Nobody.

The most innovative ATC solution for flight simulation ever created, combining multiple AI platforms with proprietary cutting-edge technology for ATC comms. So realistic, you won't know if you're talking to a real person or not. Supports General Aviation, Commercial, VFR, IFR, Multiplayer, and over 88,000 airports world-wide.


24-hour free trial and student pilot mode make it accessible to all skill levels. Discover the future of aviation simulation today.

Patent Pending


ATC speaks and understands 14 different languages


Support General and Commercial aviation.

True Dynamic AI

The only ATC based on machine learning and modern AI.

World-Wide, 24/7 Coverage

Every airport. Every country. All day and night.

Enhanced by NaviGraph

Simbrief and Navigraph Integrations.

NG Sub not required

200+ Voices

Highly immersive, state of the art neural voices

No Rails, No Menus

Unscripted realism, accommodating any situation, any time!


See and hear other SayIntentions Pilots


Get interesting insights into the world around you!

Traffic Injection

Comin Soon...

Live tracking map from SayIntentions showcasing pilots in real-time, allowing users to listen to pilot comms in flight.
Woman enjoying guided insights through her window view aboard a plane. Text over the images details the AI Tourguide Features
Realistic Air Traffic Control for MSFS,  SayIntentions.AI is breaking boundaries.

Realistic Air Traffic Control for MSFS, SayIntentions.AI is breaking boundaries.

Is it time to get talking? Is it time to nudge your immersion closer to the real experience? This application is breaking new ground for MSFS. In the first of two videos, we take a closer look. FS Academy Zero to Hero package can be found exclusively in-sim in the Marketplace. Download the manuals here: Referenced Links SayIntentions.AI: My follow up flight here: Support the channel so I can continue to bring quality content to you: ✈ You can donate here: ✈ You could also buy me a coffee here : SIMHANGER YouTube Channel Link: Join Simhanger on Discord: YOUR DISCORD INVITE: For more details visit Simhanger Website: Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @Simhanger1 Looking for help with MSFS, then check out my HOW TO GUIDES, link to playlist here: MSFS on Xbox playlist can be found here: ✈ Get the best head tracker - Tobii Eye Tracker - 5% Discount Link (affliated): use code simhanger (exactly as shown) to get your discount. ✈️ VR Pilots, need prescription lenses? Link to VR WAVE : ? Get 5% discount by entering in promo code simhanger (all lowercase) at checkout, (non-affiliated). Thanks for watching #microsoftflightsimulator #msfs #flightsimulation #vr #virtualreality
Private jet parked on the runway with clear skies and mountainous backdrop, ready for takeoff.

Eric N.

I am totally blown away. Still generally in awe of what AI can do but this is a fantastic application of it. Bravo to the team!
Airplane being towed by a tug vehicle on the tarmac, preparing for departure.

Vincent M.

you have made flying fun for me again!! That was one of the best experiences I had in a long time on any flight sim. Very immersive. It felt like I was talking to real people!!!
Private jet in mid-flight over rugged terrain, showcasing sleek design and aerodynamic contours

Geoff D.

Totally AMAZING!! This is the ATC we've all dreamed about. I never expected anything like this! But here we are!
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