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Shoot Your Shot!

SayIntentions wants your high quality images!

We're on the hunt for cinematic photos capturing any phase of flight, in all weather conditions!

Showcase your custom scenery and let your creativity soar with stunning night shots featuring exceptional lighting!

Don't forget to include captivating sunrise and sunset shots!

Be part of our 2025 Calendar and WIN BIG!!!

Submit your images for a chance to be featured in our 2025 Calendar!

12 outstanding images will be selected and if yours is among them

you will receive 2 FREE WEEKS added to your subscription!


Only EXTERIOR shots featuring a SayIntentions livery will be considered

By submitting, you grant SayIntentions.AI full rights to the images for promotional purposes

Minimum screen resolution 1920 x 1080, 2K & 4K resolutions are welcomed

You can get our SayIntentions liveries at the link above

Please submit your photos on our Discord at the link above

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