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A More "Human" Experience Comes to our ATC!

Updated: May 2


Hey SayIntentions Pilots!

I have an incredible update to share with you all today. This is one I've been working on in the background... And I believe will dramatically increases the realism of our AI communications.

After a while, even the best Air Traffic Control starts to sound a bit... robotic. This is because in spite of the fact that ATC is required to use very precise phraseology, there's still a human element that nobody simulates - Mistakes. Until now. Today, SayIntentions announces... "NearlyHuman"!

Responses from the AI ATC controllers were already smart. They just beyond better, leveraging our cutting-edge AI capabilities, our controllers will now respond in a way that is a MUCH closer match to a normal controller, introducing pauses, the occasional, "um", slight indecision every now and then, and even changing the way things are phrased from message to message (while still maintaining correct phraseology).


For example, a controller that might normally say:

"Delta 1221, runway 23, line up and wait.",

You might hear, "Your turn, Delta 1221. Runway 23, line up and wait!" Instead!

Here's another example:

NearlyHuman ExampleSayIntentions.AI


But that's not all.

Small airports are much more likely to have controllers who are more verbose, and less robotic, while larger airports are all more likely to be all business. And... Controllers now have a variety of personalities that are specific to THEM (as in, "The tower guy KSBP is a little annoying", or, "the ground controller at KXYZ is super friendly!").

This update is already deployed! We're receiving incredibly positive feedback, and we'll work to refine our MSFS AI ATC beyond perfection in future updates. Please let us know your feedback on Discord.

Nobody else comes close to this level of immersion for MSFS ATC!



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