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ActiveSky + SayIntentions.AI - Available Now!

Updated: May 7

**Update May 6th** Active Sky Integration Released! To enable ACTIVE SKY... In the SayIntentions Client, go to settings, misc, and turn the ActiveSky check-box to "ON". Enjoy! Original Article:

Hey SayIntentions Pilots!

We have yet another massive update to bring to you. An update that we believe is crucial for the perfect simulator experience—accurate weather!

In our upcoming release, expected this Monday(ish), we will be integrating ActiveSky into our service. This feature will be available to users who have purchased ActiveSky and have it activated, allowing them to toggle their preferences as needed.

This Integration will bring at least three significant enhancements to our SayIntentions Pilots through our integration with ActiveSky:

  1. Enhanced ATC Awareness: Air Traffic Control will now have the capability to adjust flight levels dynamically based on simulated weather conditions, enhancing realism and response in your simulations.

  2. ATIS Synchronization: Automated Terminal Information Service will accurately reflect the simulator's weather conditions instead of the real-world weather, improving the fidelity of information you receive during flights.

  3. Runway and Procedural Assignments: Runway and procedural directions are now aligned with the simulated 'injected' weather, ensuring that your flight plans are responsive to the simulated environment rather than real-world conditions.

We believe these updates will greatly enhance the flying experience for both SayIntentions and ActiveSky users. We are looking forward to this partnership evolving and our combined services continuing to improve, bringing even more value to our dedicated community of pilots.

As always, thanks to our entire community for your continued support, and safe skies!

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1 Comment

Great news :) Encountered a situation yesterday, in which default weather was different to the one Active Sky provided. So this is very welcome, thanks a lot! 😀

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