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Custom Airport Procedures are Here: Your favorite airports are as real as it gets!

Updated: Apr 16

At SayIntentions.AI, we're proud to spotlight the monumental effort our community has poured into enriching the realism of virtual aviation. Our "Custom Procedures" initiative stands as a testament to this dedication, featuring enhancements made by real-world pilots. These enthusiasts have meticulously tailored over 200 of our 88,000 airports with authentic, real-world procedures, offering an unparalleled ATC experience. Their in-depth knowledge of local airspaces has enabled us to provide customized AI prompting that mirrors the complexities of real flights, bringing us closer to achieving the most lifelike ATC simulation possible.

We have 200 other airports to find, with many more added each week. We're constantly refining and working on these and encourage community input to make them perfect!

This journey toward realism is far from complete. As we continue to welcome contributions from aviators worldwide, our goal to significantly expand the number of customized airports remains firm. With each update and each new customization, SayIntentions.AI strides closer to setting a new standard for realistic ATC in the flight simulation community. We're deeply grateful for our community's hard work and commitment, and we look forward to making virtual skies indistinguishable from the real ones, together.

Feel free to join our Discord to contribute to your own local area!

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