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Massive Taxi Improvements!

Updated: Apr 16


We're excited to share news about the "Taxi Update" from SayIntentions.AI, thanks to the hard work of our developer, Ryan. This update revolutionizes the way taxi information is calculated and relayed to pilots, addressing the previously complex issue of navigating taxiways. With this enhancement, pilots can expect more accurate paths and defined holding points for runway crossings, significantly improving ground navigation.

In spite of the limitations in taxiway data that have plagued the flight sim community for decades, we've introduced concepts like self-healing (where data is incomplete) and auto-detection of auto-gen taxiways that plague MSFS. This represents a significant improvement over any other taxi algorithms out there.

While this update marks a significant improvement, it's important to note that it still relies on MSFS taxi data, which has its limitations. We're optimistic about future integrations, particularly with the MSFS open source project, which we hope will further refine our taxi guidance system.

This development is a testament to our commitment to continuously improve the SayIntentions.AI experience, ensuring that every aspect of flight simulation, from takeoff to landing, is as realistic and user-friendly as possible. We appreciate our community's feedback and patience as we work towards solving the challenges of taxi navigation together.

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