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Moving to Web Based Ticketing/Support


Hey Everyone! Big changes to the way we handle support. The way we do support for SayIntentions is one of our biggest points of pride. When problems arise, we promise to fix them as swiftly as is within our power.

To accomplish this, we are changing the way we handle support tickets going forward: By moving to a web-based ticketing system. We are working to add an in-depth knowledgebase - for now that remains unfinished.

Use this system for Account Support, Billing Questions, Sales/Media requests, or any questions you may have! We want to provide an alternative for our users who don't use Discord. Please keep in mind our support staff are all volunteers who are extremely passionate to see this project succeed.

Tech support via ⁠Discord support-forum, the ⁠Discord troubleshooting channel, and all those other direct-to-user Discord channels are NOT going away! We're happy with the way those are handled right now. We are moving to a web-based support system to handle ticketing for issues with things like payments, subscriptions, and the like.

Go to to the Contact page where you'll find the link to our new support portal!  To reiterate: If you're familiar with the old system, the process is the same. Anything that would have been handled by a ticket before, is handled by a ticket now. Anything that Brian, or any of the mod/admin team, handled within the forum or the customer channels, is still handled within those channels.

If you currently have an open Discord ticket, we will handle that here until it is resolved. Do not open a duplicate ticket within the new ticketing system.  Why the change? Well, we ran into the hard limitations of what Discord is capable of as a platform to provide support.

Additionally, we have a surprising amount of users who stay away from Discord, and we want to be able to provide them the same level of support as we can provide here - which has been difficult over email. If you have any questions, please let us know! Happy flying, and as always: thank you SO MUCH for your support! 

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