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New Radio Test/Check Feature


Hey Pilots! We're adding a new feature to our SayIntentions AI-powered Air Traffic Control platform for Microsoft Simulator: the Built-in Radio Check. By setting your plane's radio to 118.01, you can now hear how your microphone sounds to air traffic control. Anything you say will be repeated back to you so you can hear how your mic sounds to ATC. This function helps ensure your audio settings are clear for effective communication.

After dialing the frequency, say a test phrase into your mic and it'll repeat back to you after radio effects are applied. Adjust your input settings as you feel is needed, and try again until you're satisfied with the results.

American users will need to adjust their radio frequency spacing to 8.33 kHz to use this feature. This adjustment allows you to dial that frequency on your radio stack. We hope this helps in achieving the clarity needed for realistic and effective interactions with ATC.

While this is a modest update, we believe it’s a valuable tool that can enhance your daily flight experiences by allowing you to fine-tune your audio input settings. Clear communication is key to a smooth simulation experience. Give it a try and see how it can improve your interactions with ATC during your flights!

As always, we have plenty in store and hope to have some more exciting news soon!

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