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Oceanic Coverage Now Added!

Updated: Apr 16


Our recent update marks a significant milestone as we extend our Air Traffic Control capabilities to include vast oceanic expanses. When piloting international flights across oceans in Microsoft Flight Simulator, pilots will now experience enhanced realism and support through our innovative ATC platform.

How It Works

The Oceanic Centers operate on two designated frequencies:

  • Primary Frequency: 119.565

  • Secondary Frequency: 132.335

Due to the limitations of the HF radio in the simulator, we've adapted to use these frequencies for all oceanic communications. Soon, we'll introduce specific sectors to further the realism.

Using the Feature

To use the new Oceanic Centers, simply tune into the primary frequency. If you encounter any issues, switch to the secondary as conditions may vary during your flight—mirroring real-life ATC challenges. This dynamic feature ensures you're never without guidance, even in the middle of the ocean.

We're excited about this development and are actively seeking partnerships with leading aircraft developers like Fenix and PMDG to integrate even more realistic functionalities. Stay tuned for more updates and fly safe!

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