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v2.3 brings a complete UI refresh, dark mode, 5 more languages, and more!

Updated: Apr 16

Hey everyone! We’re super excited to roll out the latest update for our SayIntentions.AI client – version We've made some big changes based on what you told us you wanted. Here’s the lowdown on what’s new and cool:

Dark Mode and a Fresh Look

First off, we heard you, and we’ve totally revamped the look. The new UI is dark, sleek, and modern – no more feeling like you're stuck in the early 2000s. It’s easier on the eyes, especially during those late-night sessions.

Speaking Your Language

We’re now fluent in 14 languages, adding Korean, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, and Mandarin to the mix. This update is all about making sure more of you can use our tech comfortably in your native language.

Faster Controls and More Customization

We've tweaked the responsiveness of controls, including the PTT button and extra mouse buttons – they’re snappier than ever. Plus, you can now map multiple buttons to your heart's content, making everything feel just right.

Bringing Back Some Stuff

You asked, and we listened. We're bringing back some of your favorite features with improvements:

  • Intercom is back for easy in-cabin chats.

  • Button mapping got a total overhaul for even more flexibility.

  • TourGuide now works through the intercom, plus it can speak a different language from ATC.

And we didn’t stop there – we squashed bugs, boosted stability, and made a bunch of other tweaks to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Ready to Jump In?

We can’t wait for you to try out all the new features and improvements. Head over to download the latest version and see for yourself how we’re taking things to the next level.

Thanks for all your feedback and support. Keep it coming, and let’s make SayIntentions.AI even better together!

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